A Few Suggestions...
To Keep Your Holidays Stress Free...
The holidays can be a bustling, happy time for many.  It can be exciting to plan trips to see family and friends or to anticipate the arrival of family and friends to your home.  It can be fun to buy presents and look forward to receiving gifts.  However, for many people, holidays turn out to be a stressful and anxious time.
- You may feel pressured to spend money that you do not have.
- You may feel pressured to eat and drink more than is good for you.
- You may have recently experienced the death of a family member or friend
or the break up of a marriage
- You may feel an obligation to be with people whom you may experience as
tense or "difficult."
- You may experience a sense of urgency at work to finish up year end projects.
What You Can Do...

Because of these and other stressors, it is even more important to be good to yourself and the ones around you.  There are many ways to reduce stress.  Here are some examples of things you can easily add to your daily routine.
- Do Some type of physical exercise daily (for example: walk, run, ride a bike or
swim) for 15 to 30 minutes.
- Laugh often.  Call a friend who makes you laugh, rent a funny video or read a
funny book.
- Take 10 or 15 minutes a day to do some quiet meditation.  Take ten slow deep
breaths, close your eyes, and imagine being somewhere calm and safe.
- Make a realistic budget for buying gifts and stay within that budget.
- Eat before going to a party and make just one trip to the buffet line.  Be realistic
about wanting to eat dessert; just eat smaller portions.
Remember, this time of year can be fun and relaxing if you prepare for it, but it probably will not be the TV image of fun and good cheer with everyone getting along and not worrying about how much money they are spending.
- Prepare yourself for possible disappointment.  Our hopes and dreams for the
holidays do not always go as planned.
- It is normal to feel sad, at times, during the holidays.  Feel your sadness, and let
yourself feel satisfaction as well.
- Plan an activity that you will enjoy.  Incorporate partners and children in developing
new "family traditions."
- If drinking is a problem, try to incorporate stress relieving support at social
occasions.  For example: make sure you have a "buddy" to talk with, put                                  nonalcoholic drinks in "alcohol" glasses, limit the time you spend at the event, or                        monitor the number of drinks that you consume per hour.
We Wish You a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season


Allen, Cynthia, Enrique, Jami, Joy, Judy, Sarah & Steve

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